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[초청 강연] Perspectives of Computational Mathematics
  • 작성자mathed
  • 날짜2017-06-16 13:35:06
  • 조회수1122
 [수학교육과 콜로퀴움]
Perspectives of Computational Mathematics

이정훈 (ICES 연구원, University of Texas, 96학번)
Computational mathematics is one of applied mathematics that studies finding numerical solutions of partial differential equations. The perspectives and purposes of computational mathematics are different from those of classical topics in mathematics, and the goal of this talk is to introduce the different aspects. In the first part of this talk, we first overview perspectives and   roles of computational mathematics in scientific studies. In the second part, the finite element method is briefly introduced with its mathematical aspects and challenges.

 일시 : 2017년 6월 20일(화) 16:00
 장소 : 10-1동 103호


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